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FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) Installation Process

FTTP is available to some properties at the moment, please see the broadband pages for more information.

If you have any questions then please contact me via the Contact Page and select "Sigingstone Web Master".


  1. Contact a Service Provider with a FTTP compatible broadband product.
  2. Openreach will conduct a survey to see how they can bring the fibre to your property.
  3. 1st Openreach visit to  install a small box on the outside of your property and bring the fibre from your nearest point to you.
  4. 2nd Openreach visit to bring the fibre from the small box on your property to inside and to install the internal equipment.
  5. Activation of service
Please bear in mind that the timeline from stage 1 to 5 can last several weeks. In some cases where additional works are required then this can extend this period before your new fibre broadband service is up and working.

More Technical detail...

List of ISPs who can provide Broadband over FTTP

The list below contains the ISPs (there may be more out there) that can provide superfast Broadband over FTTP:

 Consumer ISPs  Business ISPs
 Andrews & Arnold Ltd  BT Business
 BT Consumer (call 0800 5874787)  Claranet Soho
 Zen Internet  Entanet
 PlusNet (Existing customer trials)  Griffin Internet
   Zen Internet
   Andrews & Arnold Ltd

*You may need to call BT Consumer's FTTP sales Team to Order FTTP via 0800 5874787

Some more FTTP Service providers can be found here:

You need to upgrade/Order a FTTP service in order to benefit from a superfast fibre Broadband connection, you won't automatically benefit once it becomes available to Sigingstone as the FTTP infrastructure is different to ADSL.

First check you can get FTTP by going to and seeing if it states "WBC FTTP" as available for your landline number or address. Also check with your chosen ISP, that it is indeed available to you.

If you don't have a BT Wholesale recognisable number, eg you are with Talktalk, Sky, ect then please use your address via

If WBC FTTP is available to your property the BT Wholesale database results will look the following (interested bit highlighted in red) :


  • The ISP and package level that best suites you.

    • Most of the ISPs listed above offer you a range of service levels with different costs, so you don't need to go for the top range service (unless you want to). For example BT Consumer offer Infinity 1 and 2 as well as Infinity 3 and 4 to end users with FTTP.
    • At the moment only the above ISPs are able to support FTTP, some other smaller/local ISPs may also support FTTP, however ISPs such as Sky and Talktalk do not currently have a service which supports Openreach 's FTTP infrastructure.

  • Do you want to keep your existing copper line?

    • You may want to keep your existing copper line, however you will have to pay line rental and package costs for both your FTTP and copper line.
    • If you don't want to keep your copper line as well, then there is a Voice service that some ISPs offer over FTTP, called Fibre Voice Access, though you will need to check with the ISP if that service is available. Also check you can port your current landline number if you want to keep it.
    • However you may want to use a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider instead, for example Vonage though other providers are available. Again check if that provider can port your current landline number if you want to keep it.

  • Do you have a monitored Alarm system or any other system that utilises your current landline?

    • If you don't want to keep your existing copper landline as well then you may need to contact the company who services/provides your alarm system and other systems that uses the landline to notify them that you are moving to a FTTP service. 
      The company may need to carry out additional works to that system once your FTTP connection is up and running.

  • Where do you want the new fibre line to enter your property?

    • The new optical fibre cable is likely to follow the same method your existing copper line takes to enter your property, I.E overhead or underground.
    • A white, grey or brown box called a Customer Slice Point (CSP) will be fitted to the outside wall of your property. Let your ISP know what colour CSP you want, however the field technician may ask you anyway. An Image of a CSP is shown in Stage 1: External Work
      • CSP dimensions width 163mm, height 100mm, depth 30mm
    • Inside the property an Openreach Optical Network Termination (ONT) unit, a Battery Backup unit (usually installed if you have ordered Fibre Voice Access too) will be installed in addition to a PPPoE compatible router (either your own or one provided by your chosen ISP). An Image of the Battery Backup Unit and ONT Unit is shown in Stage 2: Work to complete the fibre installation inside the property.
      • The ONT and Battery Backup Unit need to be wall mounted, so they won't be able to be moved once installed.
      • At least 2 electrical plug sockets will need to be available to power the equipment.
      • A 30 metre extension cable can be provided but can only go along walls (I.E not under carpets or floors).

Installation Process

Install costs vary between ISPs so please check with the ISP before hand. Please note that the install costs should not be anything as much as FTTPoD (Fibre To The Premises on Demand) unless a lot of plant work is required.

The installation process is usually in 2 stages, and may require 2 separate Openreach (or sub contractor) visits.

Your chosen ISP will arrange this with you.

The installation process is generally the same, regardless of which ISP you choose, however the ISPs also have their own guide on the installation process.

Stage 1: External Work.

Some external work first needs to be done to your property. This is your first Openreach (or sub contractor) visit, however if the field technician can access the outside of your property then you don't need to be in for this bit.You may however want to discuss with the field technician where you want the optical fibre cable to enter the property and where you want the CSP to be placed on the outside of your property.

Your current broadband and phone service may stop briefly whilst these works are carried out.

A blown fibre tubing drop cable will be installed between the CSP and the fibre manifold (which may be on top of a pole or underground).

Customer Slice Point (CSP) in grey

Fibre Manifold
Click Image to view bigger version - Fibre Manifold on top of pole (black cased module on left hand side of pole).

Stage 2: Work to complete the fibre installation inside the property.

This stages requires another Openreach (or sub contractor) field technician visit usually a week after stage 1 has been completed, however this time you need make sure someone over the age of 18 stays in throughout this appointment. 

The field technician will bring the fibre from outside to the location where you have discussed about having the ONT, Battery Backup unit and Router fitted. Please see the points made under the "Where do you want the new fibre line to enter your property?" in the considerations section.

Click Image to view bigger version - Battery Backup
&Optical Network Terminator - Source: Kai Hendry

Please note that sizes and models of the ONT and Batter Backup Unit may be different to the image shown above.

A new Master telephone socket may also be installed, if you have also ordered a Fibre Voice Access service from your ISP too.

There is a new 1+1 ONT unit. This is an enclosed unit containing space for the ONT and BBU, more specification can be read in Openreach's 1+1 ONT Factsheet.

Additional Information

BT Technology, Service & Operations and Openreach are also trialling a new connectorised method of connecting properties up to the FTTP network that will reduce the number of Openreach engineer visits and external hardware needed. This is still in a trial phase, however where this method is used it will supersede some of the information in this guide.
More information regarding the new FTTP connectorised deployment please visit Thinkbroadband's article - A peek at the future world of Openreach FTTP

Amvia have created a detailed guide that also shows comparisons of various communication providers:

Order FAQ...

  • My immediate neighbours around me can order a WBC FTTP fibre broadband service but it's not showing on the BT Wholesale database as available for my property?

  • Properties located at the other end of the road can order a WBC FTTP fibre broadband service but I can't?

  • I've ordered a WBC FTTP fibre broadband service from a service provider. However, my neighbours who ordered around the same time as me are already having their external and internal work done.

    • This could mean that there is a problem with your order, or your order is stuck within one of the systems. You will need to call up your service provider to check your order for you. This may delay the installation and activation process for your new FTTP fibre broadband service. 

  • My Order reaches the Openreach system but then get's declined

    • This could be due to many reasons, one example could be there isn't enough capacity at the allocated splitter node for the property. You will need to call your service provider to understand what is going on and what additional steps need to be taken by the various departments until your order is fulfilled. This may also mean that your activation date for the new service will be delayed.


The content on this page is only a guide, some information may be incorrect or has changed since the content on this page was written.
I have tried to make sure the content on this page is correct however I cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. 
Please only take the information on this page as an insight in to what you may need to consider and what the install process may be like in preparation for when FTTP does become available.

If you have any questions, or want more information then please don't hesitate to contact me via the Contact Page and select "Sigingstone Web Master"