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Fibre Deployment Update April 2017

posted 1 Apr 2017, 05:37 by Sigingstone Webmaster   [ updated 4 Apr 2017, 05:33 ]
Unfortunately, due to the Local Authority processes required in order to obtain a permit and to carry out roadworks within the area, the FTTP fibre deployment to the village and surrounding areas has had further delays.

This means that the Infrastructure may not be ready for service until September/October 2017.
Though please bear in mind that if there are any further issues this may push the Ready For Service dates further into 2017/2018.

These delays have been caused by the Local Authority not permitting some roadworks to be carried out until June/July which will cause deployment delays to Llysworney, Nash Manor and Sigingstone.

Openreach and the BT Group are trying to negotiate with the Local Authorities to try and bring these dates forward, though this may not be possible due.
They have however stated that they are confident and committed to completing the works.

I have also raised this up the the Council. Though you may wish to make a complaint yourself in which you can do so by the following :
If you would like a copy of the communications I have received from the BT Group regarding the FTTP deployment, then drop me an email by using the contact page (select "Sigingstone Webmaster"). 

I will send another update if I hear any other news or if the dates are brought forward.