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Fibre Available to majority of Sigingstone

posted 9 Aug 2017, 04:08 by Sigingstone Webmaster   [ updated 24 Jun 2018, 05:55 ]
The majority* of properties in Sigingstone can now get a FTTP fibre broadband service. Please see the FTTP installation process guide and the broadband pages for more information.

Unfortunately, Llanmihangel was not in scope as part of the Superfast Cymru funded programme. Those residents wanting a fibre or higher speed Broadband connection are advised to read the the steps below.

To those that are no longer covered to get a fibre service:

There are a few properties that can not get this FTTP fibre broadband service. Work was expected to install more manifolds and distribution points within the village, however this has not happened and the programme that was supporting the roll out of fibre came to an end on 31/12/2017.

There is currently some clarifications on what happens next going on, and once I know I will update you in due course.

Some of the suggestions so far have been as follows:

  1. Wait – Welsh Government are planning a successor project to extend broadband further and more details are expected very early in 2018. This is likely to be based from the data collected from the Welsh Government's OMR and Consultation they did back in 2017.

  2. Take matters into your own hands – We run a scheme called Community Fibre Partnerships ( where communities can privately fund broadband infrastructure – it provides certainty whereas 1) above at best requires a wait. We have over 300 schemes in various stages of build across the UK using this route. This could be considered for your community and to help, Welsh Government have grants available. Details of the grants can be accessed from the above link.
    The availability of grants may also be based 
    from the data collected from the Welsh Government's OMR and Consultation they did back in 2017.

As there are a few queries about why this has happened, what this means and when will I be able to order a fibre broadband solution, please take the above as a starting point and once all clarified I shall update you so you can then choose what you want to do.

*Please note that the above issue is unrelated to the capacity issues that some have experienced when trying to place a order - this is being resolved.