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Fibre Deployment Update July 2015

posted 3 Jul 2015, 10:46 by Sigingstone Webmaster   [ updated 24 Jul 2015, 04:50 ]
Below is the latest information from Superfast Cymru. Unfortunately it seems that Sigingstone won't be able to order Fibre broadband at the end of this Summer (as stated in the last update - May 2015). 

"Thanks for your email. As it stands - and there is a slight chance this may change once deployment begins - your area is due to be fibre enabled using Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology. Though this delivers speeds quicker than those via cabs, deployment is more complex so tend to be done once cabs in the area have been completed.

If work goes according to plan and we do not encounter unforeseen problems that delay us, we would hope that the first orders in the area will be accepted in Spring 2016. I do appreciate this is not what you are hoping for but be assured work is under way to get fibre to the area."

The information from the Superfast Cymru team at the Royal Welsh Show (on 21st July 2015), stated that the village should be able to order Fibre broadband from July 2016.

There has been a lot of work done by Openreach between Nash Manor and the turning into the Village by Topstak over the last 2 Months and more planned in a few weeks time along with works being done in Llysworney (who are served by the same Cab), however nothing yet has happened within the Sigingstone itself.

You can keep track of planned and current roadworks within the area via or Vale of Glamorgan weekly roadworks & closures and MyVale council portal