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Fibre Deployment Update Oct. 2016

posted 2 Oct 2016, 14:27 by Sigingstone Webmaster   [ updated 2 Oct 2016, 14:33 ]
There have been various correspondents and meetings over the last month regarding the fibre deployment in the area. The general outcome throughout is that the FTTP broadband infrastructure to the village along with various other village around Cowbridge such as Llywsorney and Nash Manor will be Ready for Service around January 2017. 

The FTTP deployment work within the Cowbridge exchange area has picked up a lot over the last few weeks, so please be aware of any road closures and traffic management in the area whilst Openreach and their sub-contractors continue with the fibre broadband rollout. and the VoG council website should help alert you to any roadworks in the area.

There was also a meeting organised by Alun Cairns with Ed Hunt (Director of NGA,Next Generation Access, for Wales) for the Community Leaders throughout the Vale. A summary of the meeting can be view here
Any further information will be posted up here.